Warranty terms

Lifetime warranty of the saddle tree

Under normal conditions of use, Prestige saddles are covered by law by a 2-year warranty, while the tree and the stirrup bars come with a lifetime warranty.

The warranty does not cover the damages caused by tear and wear, accidents, improper use, or the use of unsuitable products. Moreover the warranty shall be void in case the saddle parts, including the saddle tree and the stirrup bars, are tampered or altered.

For your safety, we recommend that the girth straps are periodically checked and, if necessary, replaced. Warning: new saddles and other leather goods may stain white clothes, especially during the first few uses.

Prestige Italia declines any responsibility if the girth straps break or are worn out, if the replacement was previously advised by Prestige but refused by the Client.

Our leather is accurately selected by our staff directly at the tannery. Since it doesn’t undergo any further treatments, any marks, slight differences in tonality and slight fading are proof of its high quality.

We recommend that you clean and frequently hydrate your saddle and accessories by using the Prestige products to maintain the natural characteristics of leather and prevent premature wear.