Technological innovation


Right from the start, our goal was to produce comfortable saddles. The secret to this is in the construction of the tree. In place of wood, we decided to make our tree from an innovative mixture of synthetic fibers. The results: a cutting-edge product adapted to the anatomy of the horse and paying mind to the comfort of the rider.

Today, the advantages of a synthetic fiber tree are clear. The shape of our trees will not warp over time, as our materials are not affected by humidity. It is also lightweight and does not require any metal reinforcement. For the life of the tree, the first thirty percent of the tree can be widened or narrowed according to the horse’s muscle development. Every tree undergoes a quality control process, including a stress test, to detect any flaws within a given batch. All these elements make us the only company that provides a limited lifetime warranty on the tree, confident our trees will be free from manufacturer defects.

This attention to the development of our trees has allowed us to create three separate tree types with the aim to find every horse and rider the perfect fit.


Bringing horse and rider closer than ever before

X-Technology was developed with human anatomy in mind, to allow the rider to sit deeper in the saddle without compromising the comfort of the horse.

The seat on these trees contains two cut-outs, covered with elastic membranes made of thermosensitive rubber, positioned where the ischia bones rest.

The X-Technology used in the panels guarantees greater quality of movement for the horse. The traditional panels were replaced with a more modern version. Dacron fiber flocking is lined with highly elastic honeycomb fabric, allowing the rider to sit even closer to the horse without stressing the equine’s back.


Unprecedented design and comfort

X-Breath is a line of extremely lightweight saddles designed to ensure comfort even for the most particular riders.

The tree has an oval-shaped cut-out located in the center of the seat that extends through the tree. It is covered by an elastic honey-comb material that guarantees a comfortable position for the rider, allowing them to sit deeper.

The X-Breath saddles cushion the impact on the rider's back, thanks to this unique feature in the seat. The opening also provides more breathability and facilitates air circulation, decreasing heat for the horse. These saddles are available with a variety of accent colors and stitching for a touch of personality and customization.