Our tree

Different technologies and solutions to make each rider feel at ease.

Right from the start our goal was to produce comfortable saddles and the secret to a comfortable saddle lays in its tree and the way it is constructed. Instead of wood, we decided to make our tree from an innovative mix of synthetic fibers: a cutting-edge solution to design a product adapted to the morphology of the horse and to the comfort of the rider.

Nowadays, the advantages of a synthetic fiber tree are clear enough. Starting from the shape, which doesn’t change over time, because it is not deformed by humidity. Also, it is lightweight, and it does not require any metal reinforcements. The tree width can be widened or narrowed according to the horse’s muscle development. Every tree undergoes a quality control process: a stress test to detect any faults within a given batch as well as to grant a uniformity of the products and an absolute repeatability of the shapes.

All these elements make us the only company that provides a lifetime warranty on the tree, except in case of accidents, and allow us to compete in the global market with different and highly innovative technologies.

  • CPS


    This is a revolutionary and structurally innovative saddle tree, featuring the CPS concept, in other words, the “COCCYX-PROTECTION-SYSTEM”, a new injected-membrane geometry with a differentiated capacity to absorb all stress and movement.

  • X-Technology


    A system that increases comfort for horse and rider, at the same time improving sports performance. X-Technology was conceived to allow the rider to sit deeper in the saddle, maintaining a high comfort level while always fully observing the wellness of the horse. This is a system to bring the horse closer to the rider through changes made to the tree, studied with precision in respect of the human anatomy. In fact, on the rear part of the tree there are two holes covered with elastic membranes made of thermosensitive rubber in correspondence to the space where the ischia bones rest. The panels are another fundamental characteristic of X-Technology. The traditional panels were replaced with a more modern version: they are flocked with Dacron fiber and in addition, they are made with a highly elastic honeycomb fabric to bring the rider even closer to the horse and to ensure all the necessary stability without stressing the animal’s back.

  • X-Breath


    X-Breath is a line of very soft and comfortable saddles designed to ensure comfort even for the most demanding riders. The tree has an oval opening in the center of the seat covered by an ultra-elastic honeycomb fabric that guarantees an anatomically comfortable seating position for the rider that is balanced for the horse at the same time. The opening also provides more breathability and facilitates air circulation, decreasing the heat for the horse. The X-Breath saddle is a product that makes the ride lighter and more comfortable, cushioning the impact on the rider’s back, which is less stressed thanks to the more comfortable seating position that does not burden the horse’s back. The X-Breath saddle is available in various colors, a characteristic trait of its modern nature, which in no way sacrifices the Prestige Italia quality.

  • Trekker


    The unique Trekker saddle tree is made in composite fiber and respects the well-being of the horse and the rider during long rides. The opening at the withers is standard, as is the size of the seat, so it cannot be changed.

  • Standard


    It is the evolution of the first tree that we created over forty years ago. In time, it has been consistently improved, thanks to continuous research, without affecting the philosophy that has inspired it, creating a product that respects the horse’s well-being and that grants the position to riders.