Our tree

Well-being of the horse, comfort for the rider. The comfort of a saddle is strictly connected to the tree.

Prestige tree main plus

  • Innovative
    Composed by a pioneering mix of synthetic fibres. A cutting-edge solution to design a product adapted to the morphology of the horse and to the comfort of the rider.
  • Resistant
    An advantage of a synthetic fibre tree is that the tree doesn’t change over time, because it is not deformed by humidity.
  • Quality controlled
    Every tree undergoes a quality monitoring process: a stress test to detect any faults within a given batch as well as to grant a uniformity of the products and an absolute repeatability of the shapes.
  • Lightweight
    It does not require any metal reinforcements differently from the wooden trees.
  • Customizable
    The tree width can be widened or narrowed according to the horse’s muscle development.

Lifetime warranty

All these characteristics make Prestige Italia being the only company that provides a lifetime warranty on the tree and the stirrup bars, except in case of accidents.

The unisex tree: an innovative insight to the morphology of male and female riders

The Unisex tree has been designed to ensure comfort and stability to both male and female riders, taking into consideration the anatomical differences between them.


  • To provide a pre-determined position in the seat for women, without being «forced». On average, women typically have an additional 3 cm to 6 cm of room between their ischial bones
  • To help women find a stable position with their pubic bone, considering that they minimally use their coccix to sit. Even with these changes, men can still sit in the saddle, finding their stability on their ischial bones and on the coccix.
  • To allow significant improvement in the distribution of the female/male rider’s weight on the horse, due to the wider surface on the rear of the tree. This is a fundamental characteristic, since nowadays horses are shorter and have a reduced capacity to tolerate «traditional trees».

Wider X-Technology membranes to comfortably accommodate both the male and female pelvis.

Who is recommended for

  • All female riders looking for stability and comfort, in harmony with their body shape;
  • all male riders who want the benefit of a wider surface across the horse’s back without changing their usual seating position;
  • all male and female riders searching for a more comfortable seat, while still achieving excellent sports performances;
  • the owners of sport and modern horses, that are shorter and more flexible when compared to their predecessors.