Our materials

We carefully select our materials, and use the same care to transform them into elegant details.

Our saddles have an innovative core and hand-crafted soul. All the materials that go into every Prestige have the same characteristics: they combine tradition with modern technology.

Blend of synthetic fibers

A blend of synthetic fibers, for lightness and resilience.

When we decided to steer away from tradition and use composite fiber trees, many thought that our preference for plastic material was ill-advised. However, it was a winning strategy. We produced lighter, but very resilient saddles, and what was at first perceived as a long shot became one of the secrets of our success.

Best traditional leather

The best traditional leather, for enhanced grip.

We source our leather in the tannery districts located in the regions of Veneto and Tuscany, renowned worldwide for their technology and tradition. Lux and Super leather for our high-end saddles are produced using natural tanning processes in compliance with the highest standards to reach the typical softness of calfskin while increasing their durability.

In order to adhere to our social and environmental principles, we resolved to use water-based colors and glues for our leather wherever possible.

The Elite product can be of two types: calfskin and printed leather. For both the natural tanning is used, a very long technique for a better fixing of the colors and a good aging of the product during normal use.

Lux leather is used to line flaps and skirts. The material is subjected to natural tanning processes and worked in accordance with the highest standards in the tradition of Prestige production. It can be smooth or printed. It is uniquely characterized by the typical softness of calfskin but possesses the durability of cow leather. It is about 5 mm thick.
Super leather is a printed leather of French origin, tanned using ultra-soft vegetable products making this leather durable while offering excellent grip. It is 4.5 mm thick.
Calfskin leather is used to line skirts and flaps. It is obtained by a vegetable tanning procedure with a double oiling process for maximum grip, softness, and comfort. It is 4.3 mm thick.

Two types of panels

Two types of panels, for a unique level of comfort.

Each horse has specific needs, which is why we have developed two types of panels for a specialized fit that can satisfy all preferences.

Flocked panels

The solution for riders looking for an adaptable saddle. This panel is carefully hand-filled by our artisans with Dacron fiber. We produce two versions of flocked Prestige panels: Classic or X-Technology. Each provides freedom of movement for the horse while distributing the weight of the rider, creating better balance for both.

_Classic flocked panels are lined with felt and then filled with synthetic Dacron fiber flocking, a resilient and highly adaptable material.

_The X-Technology panels are lined with two layers of elastic honeycomb material that has been filled with a soft foam, then flocked with the same Dacron fiber used in our traditional panels. The riders therefore have all the advantages of the classic panels, but with a more comfortable, more durable, and lighter product.

Latex panels

The solution for those looking for a comfortable and high-performance saddle that requires minimal maintenance. The polyurethane used to fill the panel is made from a synthetic material that does not compress and does not deteriorate over time. It is a product that originates from, and has been tested by, the motorcycling industry and was specifically designed to stay unaltered over time.

Anyone can have a customized panel.

Each rider can customize their panel according to their specific needs. For both latex and flocked panels, the Shoulder Free option is available. Shoulder Free reduces the thickness in the front of the panels enabling greater freedom of movement for the shoulder and trapezius muscle. The following rear thickness options are also available for flocked panels: ½ flocking, standard flocking, +1 cm and +2 cm additional flocking.

LATEX panels are available as: ½ thickness, standard thickness and +1.5 cm thickness in the rear.