How a Prestige saddleis made

Our craftsmen are continuously striving for excellence throughout the entire production process. They constantly work to improve and perfect our methods.


01. Selection and cutting

Everything begins with the meticulous selection of the leather onsite at the tanneries, who must comply with our technical and production requirements. We also carry out inspections on our premises following delivery. Each piece is carefully checked to make sure there are no abrasions or flaws. Only material that has passed all inspection phases will be used in production.

02. Processing and packaging

After cutting the leather, we look at each piece again to make sure there are no imperfections to guarantee the leather meets Prestige quality. If no flaws are detected, we make it available for production. We continue to use the same level of care during the remaining stages of every saddle’s production, ensuring a superior product for each horse and rider.


03. Assembly and stitching

The final steps include assembly and stitching, which is done exclusively by hand by our craftsmen in line with Italian manufacturing tradition. Stitching is carried out using a special curved needle, specifically designed for saddles, that allows us to precisely stitch the leather together. The final outcome is a striking saddle, elegant and soft to the touch.