How a Prestige Saddle is Made

The hands of our craftsmen are continuously striving for excellence along the whole production process, thus constantly improving and innovating our working method.

This is how we craft our saddles, which are considered real manufacturing gems.

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Technological innovation

Right from the start our goal was to produce comfortable saddles and the secret to a comfortable saddle lays in its tree and the way it is constructed.

Instead of wood, we decided to make our tree from an innovative mix of synthetic fibers: a cutting-edge solution to design a product adapted to the morphology of the horse and to the comfort of the rider.

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Our tree

Three different technologies. Three solutions to make each rider feel at ease.

Nowadays, the advantages of a synthetic fiber tree are clear enough. Starting from the shape, which doesn’t change over time, because it is not deformed by humidity. Also, it is lightweight, and it does not require any metal reinforcements. The tree width can be widened or narrowed according to the horse’s muscle development.

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Our materials

Our saddles have an innovative core and a hand-crafted soul.

The materials that we use to make them, all have the same characteristics: they combine tradition with modern technologies.

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