Equine-assisted therapy

Interaction and encouragement.
Saddles for therapy to help provide total safety.

Equine-assisted therapy utilizes the horse to strengthen and heal. In this specialized field, the horse is used as a tool to help with physical, occupational, and speech therapies. The connection between horse and rider is vital to Equine-Assisted Therapy, as is the safety and comfort of the participant.

Our Elisa 2 is specifically designed with maximum stability in mind. To start, it features a deep seat with a circular cantle. Flaps are then available in multiple projections and front and rear blocks are on Velcro to make this saddle an adaptable tool to help the rider into the correct position. Each saddle also features a specially designed handle at the pommel in order to facilitate a safe grip and the right placement of the torso and shoulders. As is customary for Prestige, the saddle is designed with the horse in mind and features plush flocked panels to distribute the weight of the rider evenly.

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